Free New Zealand Immigration Assessment

New Zealand Immigration

If you are serious about migrating to New Zealand we suggest that you ask an immigration expert before taking any steps on your own

By obtaining a detailed assessment of your individual chances, you will be able to get a head start for your immigration to New Zealand that will point you in the right direction right from the beginning.

A detailed written assessment by New Zealand Immigration Concepts will include an evaluation of your chances to immigrate to New Zealand under Skilled Migrant Category or one of the Business streams, a proposal on how to proceed and a comprehensive list of all cost to be expected.

Our assessment package also includes a follow up phone call to discuss any questions regarding the migration process  - we speak German -  and a job search proposal by our Job Search Service regarding the search for employment in New Zealand.

Brief free assessment

By giving us some details about yourself and describing your plans for New Zealand, you will enable us to briefly assess your chances of obtaining a residence permit.

If, based on the information you are about to give us, we come to the conclusion that your chances under the Skilled Migrant Category are not promising, we will advise you accordingly and might be able to suggest an alternative pathway to New Zealand. We are happy to provide this brief assessment for free - no strings attached.

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