Skilled Migration New Zealand

The objective of the General skilled category - where the majority of applications are made - is to select migrants who will:

  • increase New Zealand's levels of human capital;
  • and foster international links.

The General Skilled Category is points based system. If you are a principal applicants under this category you are assessed by a points based system. You may score points for a number of factors such as your qualifications, work experience, age, settlement factors, assets and job offer. In addition, you and any family included in your application must meet health, character and English language requirements.

Before your application is lodged you have to collect enough points for your qualifications on the basis of:

  • the List of Recognised Qualifications; or
  • a New Zealand Qualifications Authority assessment report; or
  • occupational registration in New Zealand.

The minimum age to lodge an application is 18 years and the maximum 55 years; the minimum required work experience is two years and all applicants must meet a minimum standard of English.

Work Visa
You are able to apply for Permanent Residence with less than the pass mark. Providing the Immigration Officer allocates your points within 5 of the pass mark then he/she offers you a Work Visa and provisional Permanent Residence status. This allows you to come to New Zealand (you must arrive within 3 months from the date the visa is issued) and upon arrival you will be given a 6 month work permit. Once you find full time employment, you will be allocated the extra 5 points for the offer of employment and you then become New Zealand Permanent Resident.

Feel free to fill out our study or work experience assessment form at no obligation to see whether you qualify for studying or gaining work experience in New Zealand.